Our Story

The Science of Family with Love, Peace and Prosperity.
FAMOLOGY® is a brand that was birthed with family in mind and is a TQBM Inc. brand.
FAMOLOGY® is pro-family and family centric. The products that carry our brand represent families in different ways:
Antibacterial Wipes - keeping you and your family safe from germs and bacteria.
Tactical Uniforms – for our families that serve the US and other Countries around the world.
Work Uniforms – for most professions and occupations.
School Uniforms – of course our kids are included.
Athletic Uniforms – most families are involved with sports; as  athletes or fans. We have athletic clothing for most sports.
Inmate Clothing – some family members fall into this category. We provide quality FAMOLOGY® clothing for Inmates.
We are blessed to have opportunities to fulfill various US Government procurements, Corporate and Individual requirements; with our FAMOLOGY® line of products.
We are committed to supporting families in our communities and we will continue to work on initiatives that will improve the well-being of families in the US and all around the world.
FAMOLOGY® is a brand of TQBM Inc., a Women-Owned Minority Small Business.